Story-time Oppo!

I’m bored with my GTI. It is a fantastic car. It’s comfortable, especially on longer distance drives. It’s well built-shocking, I know for a VW- but I have had relatively few issues with it over nearly 3 years and 21.5K miles. And it’s fun. Well, only on the rare chance I get to drive it the way it should be. And I honestly feel like the GTI is too fast most of the time. I can’t drive it in anger without worrying about breaking speed limits. Otherwise, I feel like I am perpetually stuck driving this fantastic car in slow-ass traffic, surrounded by idiots too engaged with their phones and face-holes to bother paying attention while driving their equally as horrid road-appliances.

I want something different from my time spent driving. Petrolicious has me jealous and yearning for something classy, classic, and above all tasteful to drive. Something so overwhelmingly interesting that regardless of what my drive is like, I am going to relish the chance to sit behind the wheel and operate those controls. I want a slow-car-fast type of vehicle. One where I can drive it in anger almost ALL the time without much worry about breaking laws or endangering everyone else on the road.


Question is: What on earth do I look for? My budget is zero ‘Murica (Fuck yeah!) Bucks. I’m not really that serious about selling my GTI, but I’d like to have a plan should I find the right combo to get. I don’t have the time, skill, or motivation to wrench myself anymore. So anything I’d get would need to be easy and inexpensive to fix. I recognize that ‘entertaining’ or ‘characterful’ cars very often mean unreliable. So having a reliable, if a bit boring back-up vehicle is a requirement.

So, if you have basically no money, but could afford payments on a new GTI, what two cars would you get that would give you a solid, reliable all-weather car to drive when you need to preserve your Petrolicious-level classic car?