have this girl with poor choices in riding footwear on an F800ST for your time.

PA State Police gave me a performance award for speeding today (79/55 ) It’s fine, I know the risks of speeding. 4 lane open straight highway and wasn’t doing much more than the flow of traffic nor was I riding aggressively...but I own it. Gave me a 10 over...they were both decent to me and the one talked to me a good bit while the young one (seemed to be in training) did the paperwork. They actually commended my riding and said I made the right choice in the situation they witnessed after getting close to me...they had to catch up, stationary radar.

A woman decided to do some left lane blocking by slowing down about 15 mph to match with the car in the right lane and then brake checked me hard. I was never really that close to her until she slowed to block, even than backing off. They apparently had gotten close enough right around the time she went full on stupid and happened to witness her pull the hard brake check and my maneuver around her...since she braked so hard I was able to use the gap created to get around her. As soon as I passed her and looked in my mirror I saw the lights go on behind her. I moved immediately to the right lane slowing down to either A) wait for them to pull me over or B) hoping my luck was good enough to see her get nabbed for being a total dolt. She was so daft that they told me it took her around a half mile to slide over to the right lane to get out of their way.

When he asked if I knew why I was pulled over I pointed ahead and asked if it was my altercation with miss brake check and he said no, for speeding. The older cop and I were talking a bit about left lane laws and other simple common sense laws that are ignored by bad drivers etc. They were both decent and weren’t being dicks at all, so I asked how come they decided to pull me for speeding after witnessing her actions, he said they stuck with me as the infraction was a few miles previous and they had already called it in...my gut tells me they thought I was some young guy on a sport bike being aggressive. The bad part about that is this ass clown gets away with that kind of behavior and now feels vindicated. So she will continue to think it’s perfectly fine to do so since the troopers witnessed and did nothing. So I get the ticket, she gets the wrong idea about being right and could potentially kill someone in the future for it.

Again, in no way am I making excuses about getting a speeding ticket. I did it, I got the fine, it is what it is. But my thinking suggests that even though I was speeding, they should have turned their attention toward her behavior as it was far more dangerous than my few miles over the flow of traffic and could have caused an accident or worse. Plus, if she gets pulled over for it she may consider not pulling that trick anymore. What say you Oppo?