When gas prices start skyrocketing do you ever ponder what car offers the best mileage while still being fun to drive? I know I have, and I’m sure you have too. Most hot hatches get great fuel economy while being a blast to drive, but what about rwd sports coupes? or V6 pony cars? how do they compare? Have a look at how much gas each of 2015’s performance cars use, some are good, some bad, and some are truely ugly.

Ranked by best automatic fuel economy, because there are faaar more cars that are auto-only compared to manual only. Curiously some cars get better milage with an auto, while some get worse. The FRS/BRZ gets 3 mpg better with an auto, while the WRX gets 3 mpg fewer. In case it’s not obvious the M denotes manual transmission mileage and A equals the automatic rating. Numbers are taken directly from the EPA’s website and are the average mixed driving numbers.

First up it’s the compacts and sporty coupes/roadsters. I left the old Miata in there to show the impressive improvement. Have a good laugh at the Genesis (and Evo) that gets V8 pony car mileage.

Fiat 500 Abarth - 30M
Mazda Miata (‘16) - 30A/30A
Ford Fiesta ST - 29M
VW Golf GTI - 28M/28A
Mini Cooper JCW - 26M/28A
Subaru/Scion BRZ/FRS - 25M/28A
Hyundai Veloster Turbo - 28M/27A
Ford Focus ST - 26M
Mercedes GLA45 AMG - 25A
Mazda Miata (‘15) - 24M/23A
Subaru Impreza WRX - 24M/21A
VW Golf R - 23A
Nissan 370Z - 21M/21A
Hyundai Genesis Coupe - 19M/19A
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo - 19M/19A


Next up the pony cars. I debated mixing some or all of them in with the privios group, but well here they are. They fall into nice categories; V6 in the low 20s, V8s just under 20, and top end models getting comically low mileage.

Ford Mustang EB - 26M/25A
Ford Mustang (V6) - 21M/22A
Chevrolet Camaro (V6) - 20M/22A
Dodge Challenger (V6) - 23A
Ford Mustang GT - 19M/19A
Dodge Challenger RT - 18M/19A
Chevrolet Camaro SS - 19M/18A
Dodge Challenger SRT - 17M/18A
Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat - 16M/16A
Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 - 16M/15A
Chevrolet Camaro Z28 - 15M

Luxury sports coupe/sedans

BMW M235i 22M/25A
Mercedes C63 AMG - 20A
Lexus RC F - 19A
BMW M4 - 19A
Cadillac ATS-V - 19M
Audi RS7 - 19A
Audi RS5 - 18A
Mercedes E63 AMG S -18A
Jaguar XFR - 18A
Chevrolet SS - 17M/17A
BMW M5 - 17M/16A
Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat - 17A


Sports cars followed by more exotic machines

Alfa Romeo 4C - 28A
BMW i8 - 28A*
Porsche Boxster/Cayman - 24M/26A
Porsche 911 - 22M/23A
Jaguar F Type - 23A
Lotus Evora (‘14) - 20M/22A
Chevrolet Corvette - 21M/20A
BMW Z4Sdrive35is - 20A

Porsche 918 Spyder -22A*
Porsche 911 Turbo S - 20A
Nissan GTR - 19A
Jaguar F Type R - 18A
McLaren 650S - 18A
Mercedes AMG GT - 18A
Ferrari California T - 18A
McLaren P1 - 17A
Audi R8 V8 - 14M/17A
Porsche 911 GT3 - 17A
Maserati Gran Turismo - 16A
Aston Martin Vantage 15M/16A
Audi R8 V10 - 14M/16A
Chevrolet Corvette Z06 - 18M/16A
Aston Martin Vantage - 16A
Lamborghini Huracan - 16A
Dodge Viper - 15M
Ferrari 458 Italia -15A
Ferrari FF - 13A
Lamborghini Aventador - 13A
Ferrari F12 Berlinetta - 13A


*gas only hybrid mileage

How do some older cars match up?

Honda Civic CRX - 29M/28A
Acura Integra - 24M/24A
Mazda Miata (NA) - 24M/23A
Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX - 21M/19A
Honda S2000 - 20M
Acura NSX - 19M/18A
Mazda RX7 (RD) - 18M/18A
BMW M3 (E30) - 18M
Chevrolet Corvette (C4) - 18M/18A
Ford Mustang 5.0 - 17M/18A
Pontiac GTO - 18M/16A
Dodge Viper RT10 - 15M
BMW M5 (E39) - 15M
Porsche 928 - 14M/15A
Porsche 993 Turbo - 14M
Ferrari F40 - 13M
Ferrari Testarossa - 11M
Lamborghini Countach - 7M