Performance Increases After The First Few Thousand Miles

In reading through C&D articles on the Focus ST, I couldn't help but notice an interesting difference between the two times they've tested the car. Their first time around (…) in June 2012, the car came back with a 0-60 of 6 seconds flat. when they tested it again in June 2013 for the 2015 Mk7 GTI comparo (…) while it was a european focus, (this shouldn't matter, it's a world car now) it came back with a 5.7 second 0-60. C&D said they thought it could've been "(a) the high-octane European fuel, (b) a particularly strong engine, (c) a thoroughly broken-in (7500 miles) example, or (d) all of the above." would wearing the engine in a bit really have that much of an effect? .3 seconds isn't negligible in most situations.


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