Preface is I owned a blue car and blue bike before my first Kona Blue ST and both seemed like they were constant bad luck (got hit 4 times in a year in the cobalt, none my fault, plus some mechanical issues).

My old kona had a bunch of small issues with it along with getting rear ended at a stop by someone texting and letting their car roll, and a clear bra installer fucking up my front bumper by dropping it off a lift. By the time I traded it in on my ‘18 FoST I was damn near paranoid to drive it due to issues I was having. When I got my oil changed in the ‘18 at the dealer In June, they told me they had sold it back in April. Decided to look up my old plate out of boredom and noticed it had an accident reported which was weird. Turns out on May 4th (just after the second owner bought it) they hit a deer at 45 MPH and fucked up the front end. Hopefully the luck doesn’t continue with them.


Additional pic of my ‘18 because I can’t get over how awesome this color is.

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