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Period Piece

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There is a lot of talk about analog this and digital that with cars these days. Here is an old analog thing I picked up at an antique store that was going out of business a few months ago. It seems to fit the vibe of our mid fifties house very well.


The temperature and humidity stay pretty constant inside, but the barometer varies with the weather. A steel drum looking thing with a spring attached to the thing that turns the dial. The spring was detached when I got it, I reattached and recalibrated based on the humidity reading from the weather app on my smart phone, and it has been very accurate since.

I have always loved mechanical things that I can take apart and grok how they work just by observing how things go together.


I understand why the cell phone and internet and instant access to information have replaced these things, but it still makes me feel good to look at the form follows function with some added styling on the outside while knowing the simple, but elegant mechanism on the inside continuing to function without need of external input or energy other than the earthly conditions it was designed to register.

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