Last week I got a job as a shop tech in the college’s shop. The thing that makes this odd is that the college doesn’t currently have a shop, because we’re in the process of getting a new building.

So then, what are the shop techs doing without a shop?


We’ve been tearing out, and breaking up, all the stuff the college left behind. Today was the last day at the old building, so we collected up all the “good” scrap metal and were thrown the keys to this beauty. Behold the Dodge Ram. It’s a long-bed 318 with a Torqueflite, and it’s wonderful.

It’s about the oldest vehicle the university owns and is in surprisingly good condition (ignoring the paint). The cab is huge, and it has vent windows and a bench seat. I’ve always seen this pickup parked in the alley behind the building and have grown to love it.


We took our metal to the local scrapyard where we found quite a scene.


That’s a semi truck whose load is very much on fire. It smelled terrible and was creating a massive smokescreen. A fire truck eventually showed up and put it out. We ended up selling 156lbs of copper and 238lbs of aluminum, so we have lunch money for quite a while.

It’s been a pretty great day so far, and it should only get better.