What are some cars on your local CLs that just don’t ever sell? On mine, I can’t remember this Buick Century ever not being for sale. It’s always been $1500, and I imagine the stupid dealer is holding firm to that number, otherwise it would’ve sold by now. Or maybe it reeks of cigarettes and has bodies in the trunk or something. Part of me almost wants to make an offer out of pity, but I have zero desire for this poor thing, so that’s not happening.


Then there’s the ones that come back periodically. Namely, this E34. Some idiot dealer has been “trying” to sell this Touring for at least 3 years. Sometimes the ad has pictures, sometimes it doesn’t. He’s dropped from $9800 originally to $8900, but sometimes it’s $8500. I emailed him once to point out that he’s asking M5 money for a low-spec Touring that probably needs a lot of attention since it’s been sitting on his lot for years. I also offered $2000 for it. He didn’t say yes.

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