I had a coworker mention to me that he just had his public (FedLoan) student loans consolidated through (sold to?) a private company and slashed his monthly payments. I had never heard of getting your loan out of FedLoan’s hands an into say Navient’s, but my google-fu on this one is weak so far. But if such a thing exists I am very interested in at least seeing how it would work for me. I already did the research on what consolidating through FedLoan would do, which is a whole lot of nothing.

I have mentioned several times on here that our student loans could nearly finance a leased GS35o.

There are currents events at play -- or dare I say: circumstances. Nay: stuff and things! — that are forcing me to look at our monies for the billionth time again. Nothing crippling or immediate, just looking to turn over more stones I may have not looked under before.