What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

I don’t share a lot of personal stuff on here, but I really need to some help. If you’re the religious type, I’ll take your prayers, and any and all positive vibes from everyone else. Personal content after the jump.

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I have one bolt left to go before I can separate my engine and transmission in order to swap my clutch. This fucker




I’ve got an impact wrench on it that’s supposed to be hitting at 800 lbs. There’s only a 10” extension on it, so most of that torque should be making it to the bolt. I jacked the transmission back up to relieve tension on it, but no dice. I’m hoping my wrench is just toast, as it sure doesn’t feel like it is hitting too hard, and I was able to do all the other bolts by hand. I ordered an Aircat 1150, so hopefully it does the trick. Send thoughts and prayers, Oppo, or I’m gonna burn this fucking Jeep to the ground. Here’s a video of my efforts:


I’m gonna cream my panties when this fucking bolt finally loosens.

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