Personal Post + Brake Update

I had a job interview, it went very well, I am sure I will be offered the position. That being said, I don’t know if I will take it. Massive changes. One thing that made me sit up was a $550 monthly car allowance on top of my salary. Plus gas.

Needless to say, there are some massive cons for this position, so it really doesn’t make this that tempting. Keep you all posted.  The interview was well over an hour, I was pretty blunt on my questions since this is a huge risk to me.

Anyway, the shop has agreed to replace the brake caliper housing with a new one from Ford. I have to admit, they may have fucked up the repair, but seem to be pretty apologetic and honest.


Something I could buy with $550 a month.

But what I would buy:


mmm so plastic.  But I gotta keep my CX-3, Truck and Fiesta ST.

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