So have this as compensation, which by the way is my dream garage and my dream car. I'd host dinner parties in that space. Such class:

Or have some hockey if you don't want to read about relationship stuff:

So yeah.

I posted a picture on Facebook. Kind of speaking to my views on interrelations between guys and gals, and the friend zone. Rarely get a reply or a second thought on this sort of stuff but today was the snapping point. Be wary. Go no further. You have been warned.

This would be the picture.


Kind of how it can go, fairly often. As a patron saint of friend zone, and the standard bearer, I have a horse in this race. Fixing beautiful women's relationship woes since 1984.


I get a reply from one of the girls.

"Ya because he was ugly and stupid."


Rage over generalist troll.

A reply from me.

Ahem. You know what, we aren't.

I'm not, at least. My ass is financially stable, fit, not into drugs, well employed, smart, educated, rich family, and by and large emotionally stable.


I have respect for women. I have a large modicum of respect for intelligent well put together ones with manners and grace. Especially those. And so it goes that most of the women in my life end up following a path similar to the image included. So what is it? Cause it aint just ugly and stupid. I don't know many people who keep ugly and stupid around just to call them to complain about what douche X is doing to them, or to have them pick up the pieces.

So. Is it the inability to be a raging douchebag? Is it that some of you womenfolk all throughout growing up have been exposed to nothing But d-bags and have formed some sort of heteronormative expectation that only allows those to be visible as potential mates?

And in the same light have absolutely no fucking idea how to proceed when presented with the alternate? Don't worry little grade school Suzy, he pulls your hair, throws you down, and calls you names because he likes you. Fast forward twelve years and it's a kid in the basket and child support, and perhaps some nice bruises too because the past has dictated the future.


So No. It sure aint just ugly and stupid. Maybe, if that's the case, I should give up. Start making shitty promises I can't keep. Getting physically and mentally abusive. Being flashy with the rent money. Buy a big tee-ruk and get some guns (edit: no offence to the gun lobby, just a talking point for contrast, the majority of gun owners are responsible). Because if that's how it has to be, man oh man shit is right fucked up. Because here I sit, the go-to for fixing other people's fuckups in this arena. Being the shoulder, the confidant, the whatever. And it rips my fucking heart out to see the gifts a good woman can bring, that would be cherished and nurtured on my end, throw asunder by shitheads who make tall promises and then disappear when they can't so much as live up to them as be expected to know what love actually is. Fuck your explanation. I'm sorry for the rant, but it sure ain't just ugly and stupid, and it is a massive frustration.


*facebook friend count drops one digit*

So much for easy like sunday morning.