Pontiac Bonneville Woodie for your time.

I love my wife. She’s a caring, loving, trusting person. It’s also why she’s easily taken advantage of. This year, she received a call from our son’s former hockey coach asking if we’d billet (host) one of his out of town hockey players for his AAA level 15u team. Our initial response was a hard no, but he was persistent. Eventually, he convinced my wife that transportation for the 15 year old was 100% covered by another family that lives near us. She talked to that family, and all appeared in order. I did tell my wife at that time, if we agree to host this child, we are committing to his transportation needs. We can not go in with the expectation that those needs are covered. Plan for the worst, and all that jazz, right?

A little home information for you...my wife and I both work from home. Three years ago, we moved to be within walking distance to my son’s school. As such, we’ve been blessed to set ourselves up to nearly have zero commute for any of us. The only commute we had was a 1/2 mile walk to school.

Fast forward two months, and the family that had our billet kid “100%” covered, has asked US for help picking their son up from school and the rink more often than not. My wife is a bit of a homebody, so guess who has had to pick up the transportation slack...this guy.


I’ve gone from previously driving 500 miles monthly, to about 400 week. I know many people do that because they have to, but damnit, I didn’t have to! I was quite content with my limited driving requirements. I’m trying to remain positive about the experience but it’s tough. I’ve now got to get two kids to two different schools (our billet kid attends a school 15 miles away) home from two different schools, and to two different hockey rinks on a daily basis. It’s me doing the driving 95% of the time.

So that’s the main reason I was looking at trading in the Taco on something that gets a little better mileage (if you exclude the Jeep and 4Runner test drives). In the meantime, I’ve decided to suck up the 17.5 MPG that I get, knowing that it’s ultimately a short term situation (May 2019, and there’s absolutely no way in hell this will happen again.)


Yeah, first world problems, but still something that’s bugging me.