WARNING: This doesn't have to do with cars.

So, I'm done with my HTC M8. The camera sucks, mine lags, and calls people on it's own (usually people I don't want to talk to or people I haven't talked to in ages).

I know I should probably just wait for the Galaxy S6, but I've decided to jump ship and get an iPhone. It makes life easier with group chats and whatnot.


Anyway, I go to my local AT&T store in North Haven, CT. I should have went to the Apple Store, but I don't know if they can transfer contacts from non-iPhones. I knew what I wanted, (white + gold iPhone 6 64GB) - they didn't have it. So I paid for it, and ordered it rush delivery to the AT&T Store - not my house.

It didn't come within the time frame, so I called AT&T asking to cancel the order so I can just go the Apple Store or another AT&T store to pick up one that's in stock.

Despite it being shipped to the AT&T Store, me canceling the order would cost me $35 in restocking fees, despite me not even getting the phone that's getting shipped to the store and the phone being 4 days late for "Rush" Delivery...

The AT&T rep on the phone said to go pickup the phone once you see it's been delivered to the store on the AT&T Tracking Website.


It said it was delivered, so I went to the store to pick it up.

I get there, they said they can't find it, and that I need to wait another 48 Hours for it to register into the system, before I can pick it up.


I hate AT&T.

Have a Frozen Bronze Metallic 6-Series Gran Coupe for listening to me rant.