So a few days back I posted about how AT&T makes buying an iPhone seemingly as difficult as buying a house. Well, today and I went to get my pre-ordered iPhone.

I eagerly walked into the store to buy my new iPhone, which just arrived five days late. Before I went about purchasing, I wanted to speak to the manager to tell him about this fiasco, and potentially get some sort of something for my trouble (along with me threatening to switch to Verizon).

I talked to him, and he wasn't any bit apologetic or sympathetic. Because of such, I didn't want to buy my phone from him, so I demanded a return. He did it, stating that the customer service rep lied to me about a restocking fee (refer to Part 1). It took about 20 minutes to do the return. I asked him if I could immediately purchase the phone elsewhere after this is return is completed - he said yes.

I then drove to Best Buy to get the phone. It was the closest place to get the iPhone and I figured it would be easier than working with AT&T again. Best Buy was great - but I wasn't able to get a phone because the return I made 25 minutes earlier hadn't yet processed.


Then, I went back to AT&T, and they said they made a mistake on the return and redid it (no apologies...again).

However, this time they told me I can't purchase any phone until my monthly bill has cleared. They have the payment - AT&T hasn't processed it yet. They told me to wait another 48 hours.


Worn out at this point, I figure I'll wait two days and go back to Best Buy.

So I drive home, only to realize that in the process of doing the return, AT&T SHUT OFF MY DATA. I can still call and text, but no data. I could have called to fix it, but I'd rather not deal with AT&T Phone Customer Service, and mostly to piss off the AT&T Store.


I go back to the AT&T Store (for the third time), and they fix what they accidentally did with my data (no apologies...again).

I still don't have an iPhone.

This time, here's a purple S4 Avant with an RS4 body kit. Does Oppo like purple wagons?