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*Personal Rant* Today was a shit day

After the buffer image.


It was -27*C this morning, but whatever that’s life. I was driving to work the roads didn’t feel slippery, as I turned into the parking lot at work (perhaps carrying too much momentum) the ass end swings out fast, the front wheel rolls up the curb into a snowbank and the left rear tire smacks into the curb, I back out of the snowbank then go find a place to park. I normally start work at 8am, except today the store opened at 9am today and my manager didn’t say anything about switching my schedule, so I’m a hour early.

The new nights and weekends guy is turning out to be a complete dipshit, I spent a hour and a half cleaning up the mess he made over the weekend, he jammed the stapler and his solution was to keep using it( there was 6!! staples jammed in the exit port) then instead of finding a different stapler or placing the paper neatly in the inbox tray he origami folded the corners. He not only lost his work gloves, but he then took mine from the desk which I don’t care-for for hygiene reasons, then lost my right glove. I hearing that he’s ignoring the mechanics when they need parts, he’s always on his phone, he’s pissing of all the managers with his blatant disregard for professionalism, and I suspect that he’s vaping inside the building.


When I went for lunch my tire pressure light was on, I grab my pressure gauge from the center console, dead battery. I grab the other gauge, also dead. So I go buy batteries and change them. My Left rear tire only has 10.5psi in it :( so I drive over to the garage bay door a borrow an air hose. I wasted half my lunch doing all this. I think the tire may have just unseated the bead but I’ll see if holds air over the next few days.

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