Personal Rant/Why I refuse to remember names

Okay Oppo, this is going to be a dark post. This is going to contain a lot of politics, a lot of personal opinions, and maybe a call to arms. It also contains some stuff that goes against my usual “not interfering in other’s lives” viewpoint and persona. But, I’ve been thinking about this recently, and I need to get this off my chest. I’ll get back to posting about cars and other stuff, but I got to vent. Before we go inward, have something happy.

Are you happy? Good, let’s get into it.

I don’t think I need to explain what happened over the weekend, the aftermath is something I try to avoid. So, this topic will not be about the usual talking points that are going to be brought up in the next couple of days or so. Instead, I want to tell Oppo to do something that may seem unconventional.


One of the posts that I came across on Oppo regarding this, was my citroen won’t start’s post about the FBI watchlist.…

I had a pretty reasoned debate with citroen on the subject, and laid down some comments and stars. But, one of the comments was when under_score was debating, and he brought up Elliot Rodgers. I thought to myself “Who the fuck was that?” So, I went to Wikipedia to search him up. Then I remembered.…

Too get personal oppo, I still have really bad thoughts whenever I remember this shooting. One of my best friends was going to UCSB at the time, and when I heard the news, my heart was in my throat. It’s one of the only times that has tested my lack of faith, I literally prayed to myself that she would be alright. It was the first mass shooting that hit close to home for me, and I never want to forget what happened and what the worst case scenario could’ve been.


But one thing I did forgot, was Elliot Rodgers, his name, his life, and his background. Not because I didn’t want to forget what he did, but because I wasn’t going to give that low-life cocksucker the infamy he wanted.

The same is true of Orlando, I think what happened in Orlando was tragic, I sincerely am sorry to anyone who was affected by this, be it personally or because you were part of the same lifestyle that the shooter targeted. But, do not expect me to remember the shooter, all I need to know is that he was a homophobic shitstain that committed a disgusting act on his fellow man. But, I will not remember his name, his history, his family, or anything else.


Because he doesn’t deserve it.

Mass shooters in general, don’t deserve to be remembered.

To briefly sound like a raving conspiracy theorist, I find the over indulgent details of mass shooters that the mainstream media gives them in the wake of an event, appalling and disgusting. It’s little more than a twisted conclusion of the disturbing fascination with the concept of celebrity status. In fact, I believe the media makes it worse, because if another raving sociopathic misanthrope wants his 15 minutes of fame, we’ll give it to him in no time.


And to me, that’s just not cool.

I may be the only one alone in this situation, and that’s fine by me. No one has to take what I’m about to say next into consideration, and no one has to agree with me. But if you were to show me pictures of this asshole.


Or this asshole


Or, more recently, this asshole


I couldn’t tell you who these guys were. If you were to tell me their names, I wouldn’t recognize them. If you tell me what they did, I would understand, and then I would keep on forgetting.

Because, they deserve to be forgotten.

So Oppo, I want you to promise me something. Or at least, understand where I’m coming from when I say this. Forget the man who caused the tragedy in Orlando, forget his name. If another tragedy comes along, forget their names too. Remember the names of the victims, not the fucker who took them away. Remember the tragedies they caused, not the psychopath behind them. Remember what they did, but never remember who they were.


Mass shooters want to live in infamy, if we keep giving them attention, they’ve won. Don’t give them what they wanted, deny them that hunger and fame. Never forget what they caused, but never give them the satisfaction of living in infamy. Forget these guys Oppo, they don’t deserve to be remembered. Never let the fear they caused entangle us and divide us, and mourn and pray for whoever was affected by it.

Don’t remember this guy Oppo. Remember his actions. Psychopaths don’t deserve to be rewarded like this, so don’t do it.


Stay safe out there Oppo, now to get back to cars.

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