You’ve been warned

My girlfriend broke up with me yesterday. This was the girl I planned to marry and pictured spending my life with. I’m absolutely devastated. I could barely sleep last night. I have no hard feelings towards her mostly because she’s right. The reason is because we just don’t have much in common even if we do get along together well. I guess my biggest fear has come true: all I want for her is to be happy and I can’t be that for her anymore. We still want to be friends and I think we can be, but we’re gonna give each other some space first. I’m not gonna give up on her but I’m also not going to force something that won’t work.

Also right after she told me I had my first panic attack and let me tell you that wasn’t fun, I thought I was gonna die right after the girl I thought was the love of my life broke up with me.

I didn’t come here for attention or for sympathy, I guess I just needed to write what I was thinking.