I broke up with my girlfriend........ I had to.

I didn't think we were compatible that much and after a month and a half, I didn't find myself thinking about her much, nor did I make many concerted efforts of my own to go out of my (very busy) way for her. I felt keeping on seeing her would be detrimental moreso to her in the long run since she was falling madly for me and even got a dog because I finally pushed her over the edge allegedlly because I gave her "semblance of stability in her chaotic and dysfunctional private life".

It just wouldn't be fair to her. I guess it's true if you really love someone you have to let them go when the time comes or else live a lie. I don't mind commitment but after that duration of time, if I don't feel something for a woman, then it just won't happen; knowing myself

Onto the next one...or spend more money on car parts :D