My tags expire in October and I've been thinking I want to get some custom tags this time around. I've got a few ideas, looking for tips or suggestions. I've got two different style plates I'm looking at, one is the standard NV plate that uses up to 7 characters, the other is the throw back 82' plate that uses up to 6 characters. I kinda wanted to keep my LV plates but they only allow for 5 characters.

Standard NV, Circa 1982, LV plate:


Since my Jeep is being built for overland / expedition type stuff I want it to be related to that. Heres my ideas so far.





Yea, I know, I'm SUPER creative. I could keep the LV plate and use the XPD1O but at the same time I don't want people thinking I'm ex - pd (police department) and messing with stuff on the Jeep just becasue they think they are part of the NWA...


Open to ideas and suggestions.