Hi guys. If this works this will be my first Oppositelock post so be gentle if this breaks some sort of Oppolock taboo or rule but I would like some car suggestions from you gearheads. I'll give you my budget, my current car and what I was looking at and you tell me how wrong/lame I am.

So, my budget for the car is about $40-60k ($60k absolute maximum). My current car is a 2007 335i coupe. The car I was contemplating was a ... drumroll please ... last (or current?) generation E92 M3. Ultimate poser mobile, I know.

However, my commute is long and the V8 M3 isn't going to get good gas mileage which is something I do care about so I'm open to alternatives in that M3-realm of sportiness and luxury. However, luxury is less important to me than performance.