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[personalopnik] A series of unfortunate inconveniences

Can’t find a goddamn house. Rising interest rates also knocked down my buying power by 5%. Feeling like last year might have been the time to buy, but we were not at a place last year where that was a focus whatsoever. Hindsight and whatnot.

Best friend is moving away in seven days. His last day here was going to be March 1st, but for various circumstances will be leaving next Saturday. To be honest, I’m much less sad for myself, than I am sad for him, in that I feel he may be doing something very, very, very unwise. But you can’t pick your friend’s nose.


I bailed out of a hike tomorrow morning at Little Si due to tonight’s “storm.” I got the business from some of the participants. “There wasn’t any snow today though.” Read the weather advisory, guys... Gonna snow. Space crab is not down with the snow hikes... with all apologies to AestheticsInMotion. And of course Monday is clear with 0% precipitation. Audible groan.

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