I’m sitting here this morning still trying to process the events that happened early Saturday morning. Things could have gone a lot different. I’m thankful for us that it didn’t, but I feel horrible for those it affected.

At certain points the tornado was 1/2 mile wide or more. As of right now it is listed as an EF-3, but that could change. A slight jog to the north is all it would have taken. We may have survived. We may not have. That’s a scary thought.

Below is the path the tornado took. If you look closely, there’s a bunch of little roads off of Sandy Run Road to the left just outside the path. That’s the neighborhood I live in. It was that close.


After it passed over the interstate it made a bit of an easterly turn. If it had not done this, it would have gone straight through downtown. Instead, it spares that but badly damage a private university just south of town. Every building on campus had damage.

After that, it moved over into an older neighborhood, destroying many homes and businesses as well as a fire station. All four people that lost their lives from this storm died in this area.


The tornado then moved into the next city, Petal, where it caused immense damage to homes and businesses before finally dissipating. In all, over $200 million dollars in damage is the estimate so far. That may go up along with the tornado rating.


Be thankful today, Oppo. You never know when it’s going to be your time.

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