Today I was allowed to visit the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. The place was full of premies and little ones who had some very challenging medical issues. One little one had been there with them for a year. The dedication of the staff was strong enough that you could feel it. The love and care they took doing their work was clear to see. It was pretty amazing. They mentioned that they have a group of volunteer snugglers. Mom and dad can’t always be there, so there is a group of folks who come in and snuggle with the babies. Most are retired folks. What a great way to give back.


The leadership development program I help support at work did a fund raiser where they developed a teddy bear. They sold them to raise money and to fund donating a bunch more bears. They donated approx 100 bears and $20k to CHOA.

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