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Perspective is Everything

Watching the threads about the 992 on Rennlist really gives you perspective. I’m gearing up for a suspension refreshing on the 931 and changing the oil pan gasket and turbo oil line seal. There, some are concerned with how “Lexus” Porsche is becoming and whether or not they’ll buy the next $100k+ 911.

I find it both fickle, funny, and entertaining haha. Life’s filled with never ending problems. It’s up to us to fill it with the best problems. Be it replacing bushings, gaskets, and seals, or whether or not the next 911 will still be 911-enough to buy. I think both are good problems to have, and I wouldn’t trade my problem for theirs.


That said, I’m definitely not looking forwards to the 992 from the spy pics and info released ahead of the LA Motor Show. BTW, the 992 will be debuting at the LA Motor Show.

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