Saw a car driving home with its rear windshield plastered with “For Sale: OBO” and the phone number.

This drives me mad. Why?

tence mid way.

Now I know you’re saying what??? You missed part of that there.

Damn right I did, that’s because listing something purely as OBO is the same as starting a sentence mid way.


O|r B|est O|ffer

If you just want best offer, put BO. Or, if you don’t want people thinking your car is so cheap you will take it in trade for some mild body odor, you could be not lazy and write “best offer”.


Every time I see something for sale as OBO, I have the desire to call them up and just be like “whats the or?”

The response would predictably be “HUH???”

-Well your car is listed as “or best offer”, whats the or?

-Nah man, it’s just best offer.

- Well it says or best offer so I want to know what the or is so I can try to offer you something better than the or, otherwise, I don’t know what you’re asking of me.


I mean, the or could be anything: 1998 Lincoln Town Car for sale, sweaty left gym sock OBO. 1992 Ford Escort for sale or trade, newer model non-ford escort OBO. 2000 Honda Civic for sale, $18,000,000,654.34 Yen OBO.

I need to know what the or is so I can make you a successful offer!!!

/ crazy person rant.