So I temporarily work in a building with a parking garage that isn’t tall enough for the cruiser, which means I have 2 choices - Park on the street and move every 2 hours or park in one of 4 outside spots for the building. The building is 4 stories and one of the tenants is a DNR which has a couple of big trucks that also don’t fit and spend 90% of their time parked stationary.

here is a top down view. The white truck is one of the DNR trucks.

Also noted in this picture is the shitty pizza franchise known as “big Daddy’s”. Its like Little Caesars but worse in everyway if you can imagine it. Anyway I would like you to take note of its parking situation. All the spots to the south AND north of the building have signs like this one

They enforce it too. I guess thats their right, fine, even though there is literally only ever 1 spot taken up...including their customers and employees who ALL choose to park next to my building because its shaded. So instead of using the 22 fiercely defended spots they have legit claim to, they use our 4, because lazy.


Like this dipshit that JUST pulled into a spot who is one of their drivers. Now obviously I take SOME pity on the crappy pizza delivery driver in his spit and bailing wire echo (seriously, I am bummed they dropped safety inspections in my state) because he’s got it worse than me for sure...but you know what? a slightly warmer car isn’t as big a deal as being towed because you are street parked so no...on second thought, I don’t have sympathy.

So today I did this.


Yes, I took their sign and just photoshopped it and then posted it outside out building in several places. Will it stop anyone from parking there? Obviously not. Do I actually have authority to get them towed? Looking into it. Am I a petty ass? debatable.

UPDATE - Holy crap it worked!


Delivery driver moved, and that Infiniti is the owner (would ALWAYS park in our shade).