Peugeot might not be back in the big luxo-barge business anytime soon, but all three of their plus-size offerings (604, 605 & 607) were interesting in one way or another. Ok, maybe not the 607. Anyhow, look what I made friends with today:


Our sources tell us this is a European-spec 1983 STI, so it has a 2.7 V6 with Bosch L-Jetronic, and that should be good for 144 HP. Backing it up is a ZF 3-speed automatic, which should fit this car to a tee, and of course the rear wheels are driven. Also, there’s a working air-con and loads of brown in the cockpit.

Is it lovely? Of course it is. And not just of wafting along either, this PRV-powered barge can shift, if you press hard enough on the loud pedal. The brakes were surprisingly effective too and the steering excellent. I read that contemporary road testers (this car launched 40 years ago, so some of these guys might not even live anymore) were raving about the steering feel and response, and I can see why.

Would I DD this old lady? Naturellment! Wouldn’t you?

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