Peugeot, Citroën and DS to return to the USA

Now that PSA has survived the European carpocalypse and made some money, it it has a “push to pass” plan to expand internationally, very much including the US.

According to Yves Bonnefant, chief of DS, the most likely first candidate for the jump back across the pond is the new DS brand, since it make the biggest and fanciest vehicles of the PSA group. Which makes sense, except that the DS brand doesn’t make any sense, unfortunately; they’re all spruced up ex-Citroën vehicles that have nothing identifiable in common with the legendary 1955 - 1975 Citroën DS. But whatevs. The DS5 is kinda interesting, and the DS3 a reasonable Fiat 500 alternative.


Fortunately, Linda Jackson of Citroën is also planning a return, which would be great news for fanciers of cheap and quirky crossovers like the Cactus and out and proud minivan mavens for the Picassos. Citroën also made a deal with partners in Quebec about the development of electric vehicles there.


No word from Peugeot, but it’s not excluded. Hard to think of one that could really make an impression in the land of the brave now that the RCZ is going, though. The 508 wagon is suitably brown, diesely and manuel equipped, I suppose.


Source: Automobilwoche

Image credits: PSA

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