Jennifer Clarkson and Richard J. Cheeseburger Hammond III, as demonstrated by several incredibly shaky livestreams today, have gotten the hang of communicating with their audience from behind the screen of backwards-moving skies and the Animal Magic theme song.

In a livestream posted on Hammond’s Facebook page (and probably on other sites which I cannot be bothered to check), Morons, also known by many outside their packed and illustrious community as Peugeot Drivers, will not be welcome at filmings of The Grand Tour, as painstakingly detailed in the following precise transcription:

Hammond: “We’d love to see you there.”

Clarkson: “Unless you’ve got a Peugeot.”

This concludes the following precise transcription.

Thankfully, I am neither a Peugeot Driver nor a Moron. And as such, I shall still be rejected from filmings of The Grand Tour, since I will most likely be caught buying scalped tickets from a scorned Jason Dawe huddling weeping in a baggy T-shirt outside the back of the tent.