The selection of Sabine Scmitz probably wasn’t likely anticipated to generate much controversy: she’s a very well-liked personality with actual racing experience, Nurburgring experience right in her very blood and had been featured on Top Gear numerous times. Plus, admittedly, having a woman on the show as a presenter really doesn’t hurt. Upon first glance Schmitz really does seem to check off all the “boxes.” But there are apparnetly some - whether it’s due to the fact that she’s a woman, or not Jezza, or what have you - that have many riled up. Unfortunately one of them appears to be Broncos QB and recent Superb Owl 50 winner Peyton Manning, who has voiced extremely strong opinion about the would-be Top Gear presented.

Fortunately, however, everything you just read is completely made-up. Well, the parts about Schmitz being a very well-experienced driver, a highly qualified candidate for being a Top Gear presenter, and certainly the fact that she is a woman are all true and highly verifyable. And unfortunately for Carolina fans (no hard feelings, I’m a big Cam Newton fan myself, seriously) the fact that Manning is the winning QB for Superb Owl 50 is verifyable too. Actually, I take that back, Manning didn’t win “Superb Owl” 50 either. But I’m pretty sure Manning thinks Schmitz is either a great choice as a Top Gear presenter as well, or probably has never even seen Top Gear.

But look on the bright side! If you did manage to read this far and not just lazily glance at the headline, you’ll know this is fake and I’m just pulling your leg! Congratulations to all those who bothered to actually read in to this!

HAPPY EARLY APRIL FOOLS! Also happy Spring and New Year as celebrated in Asia!