Picture of Cougar while it still had a front end. I finally finished the tear down tonight. All that is left are the old flex brake lines. I only have a set of metric flare wrenches, so I figured that was a good stopping point. I cleaned up the bits I plan on reusing, which basically means the spindles, and hope to have it back together by the end of the weekend. If not, no biggie. I still have to fab a hard brake line to add the proportioning valve.

I only had a few surprises, I snapped one of the LCA bolts and that sucker was stuck solid. Thankfully, it wasn’t the head that snapped, but it snapped at the nut. There were enough threads left exposed that i threaded on a nut and tightened the bolt up. A couple of tighten/loosen sequences, and a whack of a hammer, and it finally came free. I ordered some new bolts/camber plates from Global West. It sure is easier to work on things when you have the right tools. Impact gun, tie rod pullers, ball joint press (I made one out of some 3/4" bolts and a coupler).

I doubt there’s any value in the parts I pulled. Drum brakes, sway bar, end links, control arms with trashed ball joints.

Current status: