The Slamther is Dead. Chalk it up to whatever, the point is that if I went through ICBC, it would have been totalled. Except that’s not the end of the story.

Chalk it up to equal parts stupidity and mechanical failure, but the point is that I crashed. After spending $300 at the junkyard, Canadian Tire, and other places, it looks like this.


One completely destroyed corner light, a zip-tied grille, and a horrifically misaligned bumper. I came to the realization that I always screw up the things that I love, so why not do so intentionally?

I have formulated a plan of attack, and it goes something like this.

-Order a hydraulic e-brake.

-Fix the brake backing plates

-Come up with a permanent exhaust solution (Cracked the muffler in the crash so it now has a side-dump).


-Throw in some decent seats

-Get the diff welded

-Install the hydro e-brake.

-get it all aligned

-Buy a ton of zip-ties

Enter Missile-aneous. Part drift car, part junkyard, part eBay, all awful (hence the aneous). I’ve always wanted to go drifting. This is a torquey, rear-drive car with decent top end that’s already been lowered. How hard could it be?