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Installed all the stuff I picked up today. Spend for today: $257.32. Total spent: 807.32. Not bad. (Yes, I know I have to clean my positive terminal ASAP).


The radio swapped in instantly, with me having wired everything up off the car. The air filter was easy as ever, as was the cleaning of the MAF sensor. The serpentine belt wasn’t hard, just tight. Pop a 1/2" breaker bar on the tensioner, push down, pull off the old belt, route the new one, and make sure she’s secure and tight. Even the wiper arm went on easily, with the persuasion of a rubber mallet making the job much quicker. The hardest part was cleaning the grease off my elbows afterward. Next up, figure out why the brake lights aren’t working, swap in new window regulators, and fix the e-brake. By the end of the month, she should be shipshape.

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