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Phew- False alarm..

Just got a call from the alarm company; motion alarm in our front room but no door alarms.. I’m out the door and racing home with flashbacks to these thoughts;


That was three years ago and I’m still choked..

Alarm guy said its a weird alarm, probably false - did I want the police to respond? I said no - I’m on my way..

I get there and check the front, the lock is still on the side gate, and nothing out of place in the back yard. Front door is locked still and nothing out of place inside. I open the door and turn off the alarm. check the house and there is nothing. then I hear fluttering.. and chirping... !?

This little dude is flying around kitchen, trying to get out the windows.. I close the blinds and open the front and back doors - he finds his way out..


Turned out better than expected.

Either he snuck in when my wife and kids left in the morning, or else he maybe fell down the fireplace? Hope he’s telling his bird gang how hardcore he is..

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