Phil Remington was picked up by the chicken farmer as part of the deal when Ole Shel bought Lance Reventlow's shop near LAX.  Rem's fabrication and engineering skills were beyond compare and he was one of the main reasons the Cobra team was so successful.  Prior to Ford's heavy involvement in the Kick-Ferrari's-Ass project, Rem was responsible for a great deal of the re-engineering of the Ace's chassis to handle the demands of the more powerful Ford engines as well as the battering the cars took in FIA racing.

I'm guessing BP's post yesterday (—phil-remington-has-gone-to-the-great-salt-flat-i-129742700) didn't get any love because of the changeover (I didn't see it either), but this guy deserves a bigger send-off than the single reply he got yesterday.  He was, simply put, a Jalop.