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Philippines car spotting

It’s been a few weeks since the last time I posted on Oppo. While I’ve been away, I needed to go to the Philippines to attend a funeral. Since this is a car blog, I’d like to share with you guys the differences between the cars I saw in Manila and in my mother’s home province of Negros Occidental.

Apologies for taking pictures from a moving car instead of stopping.

(Manila) A Subaru Legacy wagon that’s not sold in America
Traffic enforcers at work in the Makati CBD. Stoplights are here, but Traffic enforcers are needed to control box blockers
A random jeepney.
(Negros occidental) Kei Trucks and Kei Vans can be found everywhere in the Philippines.
It’s harvest time for sugarcanes in Negros Occidental. Cane trucks are loaded with as much sugarcane as possible and then driven very slowly to the mill.
Comparing the size of a sugarcane truck and a tricycle
An Armored car and 2 armed security guards outside of a bank in negros occidental
The view from outside of a moving car in Negros occidental. sugarcane plantations and forests
Provincial highway
Farmers riding on top of a truck. I’ve seen people riding on the hoods of some of these trucks before.
Giant yellow bus, locally known as the ‘Ceres’.

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