Philosophy Oppos (Nature vs Nurture)

Just kind of looking for a little discussion/perspective on how and why humans act. It’s difficult to get what I’m trying to say into words but bear with me if you will...

Nature: Human behaviour is “pre-wired” based on biological factors like genetics, etc.


Nurture: Behaviours are based solely on external factors, like experiences and social factors.

Now I think this might be a semantic issue, because I think the mix of the two can vary results in all different kinds of people, but I feel the word nature here doesn’t really fit.
The human brain has been developed over a very long period time alongside everything else that exists around it. What I mean is that the human mind in and of itself is a product of nature just as much as every other tangible thing that exists. So couldn’t it be argued that the product of any one human brain is just as natural as a leaf that grows on a tree, or a dam built by a beaver? If so, couldn’t the relationship between the traditional nature vs nurture debate just be encased within nature itself?

I mean there’s no doubt that experience can teach you something and influence the way that you act. But at the same time, there are genetic similarities throughout generations both physically and mentally (similarities in physical brain structure, perhaps, consider genetic links in mental illnesses, or cancer, etc.) So while there are both external and genetic influences to the brain, the product of any said brain can just be attributed to the structure of society (the product of many brains/bodies together, which, again, are developed biologically, through the foundations of how our physical reality is built, aka nature)?

I can put it another way: couldn’t nurture just be considered a part of nature, as a logical and rational product of a human brain?


I might just delete this is if it proves to be too vague or difficult to put into words. I also very well might just have a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature vs nurture argument (in which hopefully someone can explain it to a moron like me).

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