Not only did I get the CF Moto running again, but I cleared a new GPS top speed!

Here’s what happened:

First thing first, I started the scooter to get a baseline. It took a LOT of starting fluid and when it did get going it puffed out enough white smoke to compete with a steam locomotive.

I decided to change the oil since the oil it had already was pretty thin. This scooter has the easiest oil change ever!

After getting the engine warm, I changed the spark coil. I also found out that the spark plug was gapped way too close.


This resolved the issue where it wouldn’t start hot. Now it starts hot... barely. It still ran like garbage, so I considered the coil to be a factor, not the cause.

Next, I located the CDI. It was ahead of the battery tray and on top of the fuel tank. Unfortunately the CDI I bought was the wrong plug configuration even though I ordered the correct one... thanks, Amazon!


Pulled it out of its hiding spot, it now resides next to the starter solenoid.

Next up, I found the valve adjusters.


I decided to follow Honda’s instructions for mechanics..

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the scooter to start and stay running without the engine making horrifying tapping noises. Meanwhile, the scooter still spat out white smoke. Whenever I adjusted the valves to a position without the tappet noises, the scooter would die and not start without a lot of cursing in Mandarin and starting fluid.


I was just about to throw in the towel when I decided to go for broke. I took the carb from my first resurrection of this scooter and gave it a thorough cleaning. Considering the carb it currently has was brand spanking new without even a mile on it, I figured I was wasting my time.

I installed the carb from the first resurrection and gave it a go. It started without starting fluid this time and when I adjusted the valves properly? It ran even better. Within a minute the white smoke cleared up as well.

I reluctantly took it on a test ride, but the little thing blew me away. It seems to perform even better now than the first time I resurrected it. I hit a GPS verified top speed of 80 mph. Not bad considering I’m not at all lightweight.


Uh...well... unfortunately this means that I want to keep it. This adventure has taught me so much about this scooter that I’d feel bad giving up on it after this victory. It also doesn’t help that even running I won’t be able to make my money back on it. So screw it!

To make it more “mine”, I got rid of the top box. The latch broke a few weeks ago anyway, so nothing of value was lost.


I was also supposed to pick up that Sym or the Elite 125... sadly both got sold.