Somehow still working, but yet it’s not.

Considering something to tide me over while I get my Priv repaired.

Cell radio and Wi-Fi decided to stop working out of nowhere (kind of know what the issue is), but I still got some “warranty” on it and it will be fixed some time next month when I fly out of the country.

Currently using a borrowed-to-own Nexus 5. Works OK for the most part with some complaints:

  • Battery - flat by the time I commute into the office.
  • Wi-Fi - sometimes it would say it’s connected, but WhatsApp would randomly say trying to check messages and desktop disconnects.
  • Bluetooth - on occasion would not connect to my car, requiring a reboot before it works, but very seldomly.


It still works, app experience is still fluid since I don’t have huge app requirements (BlackBerry Work, email, Reddit, Spotify). Some slowdowns but it’s manageable.

Current candidates:

  • BlackBerry KEYone Black 4/64GB - Expensive, that keyboard tho. Found it for C$599.


  • Essential PH-1 128GB - I hear a lot of stories of terrible build quality, returns, but Telus is dumping them for C$460, still a LOT of phone for the money and has all the flagship specs. Arguably even better than OnePlus.


  • Nokia 6 2017 3/32GB- Great build quality, decent price, C$290, but it’s the 2017 version, not sure about the 430 knowing the 2018 version round the corner with a much better SoC.


  • Keep using the Nexus 5 - save money, it’s just another month out anyways before I get my phone fixed.


Thoughts? It really is just a month, it won’t be my permanent phone. I’m too attached to the slider keyboard.