Phone Oppos....

It’s time.

As much as I love my Lumia 950XL, it does not support WiFi calling, and I’m having a bitch of a time dealing with a combination of Skype and Cell amplifier (skype is flaky on the phone for some reason, and the cell amplifier is highly weather dependant...) It’s also time that I admit that Windows Phone isn’t going anywhere new and to give in to the two-mobile-OS-system... :|

none of this makes me happy, but if I get a phone that supports wifi calling I can get Fi or Ting and save a bunch of money on my bill too... I can’t really justify a flagship handset now that I’m a farmer, but I can’t let myself get a phone with a lame camera, all the amazing Lumia cameras have ruined me... NO iDevices. So, unlocked Android is what I’m looking at... My top pick at the moment is the Xperia XZ1 ($599) or the XZ1 compact... I like the idea of the smaller form factor, and lower price of the XZ1 Compact ($499), while having the same (high end Snapdragon 835) CPU and Camera as the XZ1, (they both have MicroSD slots, so I consider the 32 vs 64GB onboard memory thing moot...) I like the Xperia form factor and don’t care about the “omg, huge bezel!” That all the people seem to complain about... Also they both have great audio and are IP67 waterproof, handy for working outside. And Oreo out of the box.


I’m still pulling my hair out about the one thing though... The XZ1 compact only has a 720p screen... I mean... I have a 518ppi QHD OLED screen right now... The XZ1 is full HD and 423ppi HDR LED, the XZ1 compact is only 319ppi.... I mean, can I live with that? I.... I don’t know... The XZ premium has a 4K screen (800ppi!!!), but no other advantages (and shorter battery life and no Oreo) but its the same price as the XZ1 now...

Oppinions? Suggestions? Ideas for a different handset?

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