Inspired by BJohnson’s recent phone-vent, I figured I’d get some phone-shit off my chest too.

I’ll just get a TLDR out of the way first: dropped phone, replaced with same phone, stuck in boot loop, replaced with Note 4, dirty-IMEI, another Note 4, now I’m happy.

Dropped my G3 from about 2.5ft, it landed perfectly flat on my hardwood floor (loud), resulting in a crack across the top of my screen, about an inch down from the top. The touch screen still worked if you squeezed the phone just right, but it only worked below the crack, so I had to go into an app that allows horizontal use to pull the notification bar down, lol.

So I go online and order an almost identical, used G3 on Amazon for $100, I get it and it almost immediately starts boot-looping. So it was from the earlier bad crop of G3's, I learned upon some research. Returned it, semi-pissed at the seller, but things happen.

Not wanting to deal with that again though, I ordered a Note 4 for $180, it arrives in MINT MINT condition, like it was never ever used. I can’t wait to slide my sim card in and get it going, only to find no 4G connection, i call Verizon and find it belonged to someone that still owed money to Verizon, so therefore it follows that they’d hold my phone hostage to get them to pay. I explained that to them and they agreed with my that it was pointless, but it’s policy for them to essentially brick whatever phone that person that owes them money had.


At this point I’m furious at Verizon and furious at the seller for not checking the IMEI. So. I order another Note 4, this time one with a verified-good IMEI on Swappa, it has 2 or 3 minor scrapes, but the price was right at $130. This one seems to be working great! But damn want a pain in the ass.

Oh and I forgot, when I put my sim card in that first Note 4 it actually suspended my phone line, so that was another 20 minutes on the phone with Verizon. On a separate call! The first person failed to mention that my line was suspended.


So, I do really like the Note 4! I’ve always been a big LG fan and always steered clear of Samsung’s more popular line of phones. But the Note 4 is quite a good phone so far! I can totally tell they intentionally make everything look better with a dollop of saturation, but damn, it makes everything POP! It’s fun to try something different.

I didn’t want to plunk down V20 money and I had heard terrible things about the G4, V10 and G5. So here I am with a Note 4! I still get my replaceable battery and SD card storage, so I don’t feel like I completely sold out to the mainstream phone society with its disposable $800 phones. Any Samsung-specific tips?