Boring shyte ahead. Have a car cell phone plan contract is up next month. I am currently on the Blue Death Star (AT&T). I have a $108/month bill after taxes and discounts, and get 450 minutes (which to me is unlimited) and 5GB data. But AT&T is saying if I upgrade my phone, I have to get a new plan, which will cost more. So do I stay there or go to the Red Death Star (The Yellow Death Star and the Purple Death T don't have service at my house in the boonies)?

I have a Galaxy S3 right now, which I'm fine with, other than the crap battery (dead from full in 70 minutes). I'm fine with keeping the phone and replacing the battery, but if I upgrade, I'm staying on Android, so no screaming about iFruit.

What should I do, Oppo? If I switch to VZW, my bill needs to stay roughly the same as it is now, because the company pays for it. I also get an 8% discount on AT&T and 10% discount on VZW.