I’m looking for advice on what to replace my phone with I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900W8) which I bought new in July, 2014. the problem being it will sporadically restart itself and sometime the camera will just lock the phone up mid picture. Today it shutoff 4 times for no reason, I had to boot it in safe mode and uninstalled some apps so that it will stay on, the memory was full, and it’s usually running most of the available RAM. Elsewise it’s mechanically perfect because I take good care of my phone there’s not a scratch on it.

What I like about the S5

The camera: At 16mp it takes great pictures usually I run without the flash, the image stabilization works its magic to take a nice clear picture. If the flashes is ON it will take detailed macro shots.

IP67 rated waterproof: This has saved me more then once, like when I was out in the rain for hours the pulled my phone out of the pocket of my raincoat which was soaked through, and the phone still worked perfectly.

Fingerprint Sensor: Secure AND quick to unlock.

It’s Blue: I like that it looks different then every other Black, Silver, White Slab out there. Really any color would be nice.


Screen size: 5.1" is a good size for my hands, no less then this, but I could go a little bigger.

Big Battery: it has a 2800mAh removable battery It will easily last me 2 days of heavy use.


Additionally any new phone would also have to have Bluetooth for hands-free calling and music streaming to my truck. Wifi AC.

I plan on buying the new phone outright budget is $600 Cdn but the budget does have flex room. I’ll be running it on a Prepaid plan on Sasktel 4G LTE network.


I was thinking of replacing it with a because I liked the Galaxy S5 so much I was thinking of replacing it with a Samsung Galaxy S7 but that’s proving hard to find NEW and unlocked.

So I would like to hear any suggestions you might have.

P.S. I plan on keeping the S5 around to play with maybe installing a custom ROM and other stuff if you want to suggest something as to that, I’ll hear that to.


and Thanks in advance!

Edit: Sasktel website this is what it needs for compatibility

(it must be HSPA/UMTS and operate in the 850MHz and 1900MHZ frequency bands)


Thank you all for you help. I ordered a OnePlus 6 Red. I should arrive next week.