Phonelopnik - LG V50. Good? Bad?

My current phone is really starting to flake out, so my upgrade will be a few months earlier than expected. I’m currently leaning towards the LG V50 thinq for a few reasons.

Large battery - even though I won’t use 5g from my location, the larger battery they give it will bode well for 4g/wireless power using.


Two year warranty - Just as many were bemoaning VW discontinuing their extended warranty, an extended bumper to bumper on a smartphone is great. At least one sensor starts to fail over two years and this will be an excellent way to get a battery refresh if nothing else.

Quad DAC - Nothing else comes close. For me, music is critical when I’m working/studying and having had a proper dac on my old v10 and then going to a lesser audio enabled phone was a buzz kill. This means more to me than a camera as I take a point and shoot one if I’m ever worried about photo quality.

Thoughts? Anything I’m missing?

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