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Tomorrow I’m looking at my first personal cell phone plan in 6 years.

I’ve been using my employer-provided phone for everything during that time. Most people at my company do, we pay a little, our company pays the majority. That worked fine until my last promotion, but now I’m getting calls and texts from customers at 7am on Satudays, voicemails 7pm on Fridays, and emails at 4am on Sundays. Basically, I don’t want to think about work when I’m not working anymore... More than I already do, that is.


Anyway, my wife is going to be getting the iPhone 7 Plus to replace her iPhone 5. As for me, I’m not sure. I recently replaced my work S6 with an S7, I can’t say I’m in love with it, but after seeing what the Galaxy Note8 cost... Maybe I can get over it.

So, which of the phones Verizon offers would you recommend?

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