I hate my iPhone SE. Sure it works, but yawn. I’m bored with it. Apart from CarPlay in my GTI, I despise using this phone. And Apple killed iTunes, so while I still try to manage my music, it’s not worth my time fighting with shitty software anymore. I have all my tunes on a MSD card.

I thought I wanted the Nokia 6; stock Android, expandable storage, and great design. However, I’m on ATT, and they just announced they will finally sell the 6 in the US, but it won’t work with ATT fully. So, that’s out.

I know the S8 is supposedly amazing, but I hate the curved screen. Bixby is stupid. And I’m not much a fan on Samsung phones in general. Professionally, I have far more issues with their phones than anything else.

The LG G6 looks cool, but I hate the LG skin on Android. I’m not sold on the zero bezels either.

I tried a Huawei P8 Lite once. I flat refuse anything Huawei unless it can be flashed to stock Android.


Does anyone make a ~5-inch screen, stock Android, MSD slot, ATT-compatible phone that doesn’t cost $600+ anymore? For a design reference, I adore my old Nokia 830. I would go back to that phone without hesitation if I could use Windows Phone/Mobile/10-lite for work.

Or are there any recent phones that can easily be flashed to stock that would meet my demands?