[Photo dump] I did a thing that hasn't been did since the Obama Administration.

I washed the longboi.


I try to never wash the longboi. Here’s why:

1. I’m a lazy prick

2. Paint and clearcoat chip off even just by looking at it, so washing it accelerates the wear that much more.


3. I find more flaws each time I wash it. It’s been to never look closely at the vehicle. 50-ft away is good enough for me.

4. It reminds of the passage of time and my inability to stop it. #existentialoppo

Clearcoat is fleeting and most of the factory decals are cracking.
More clearcoat is various stages of gone-ness.
Paint missing, will actually make a white cloth red when you wipe it.
Light bulb melted parking light lense.
Overspray and missing paint.
I don’t want to use the “R” word but... It’s uhhh it’s rust.
Bad bondo job around wiper cowl, plus my beautiful silicone work.
Overspray on badge, plus newer respray chipping off easily.
... “Patina!”
Oh you better believe that’s a paddlin’.
OH MY— No wait, it’s always been like that 🤔
Probably couldn’t have afforded this back in the day without these flaws though :)

God, I love this thing.

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