A month or so back I went to the Ellerslie Car Show. This yielded a rant about TVR, and some whining about the F Type, but I haven't yet got around to posting about the show in general. So here goes. I'm going to split it into a few posts, to keep the size under control.

Part 1: The Car Park

Apart from the obvious, note the Torana GTR in the background

Already we're into more Interceptors than I've seen in one place at one time.


So apparently the Brits are out in force. Makes sense, Ellerslie is a lot more Eurocentric than Kumeu.


Yup, Brits.

Brits. And a German. There are a few McLarens kicking around Auckland, but I've only ever seen them on the way to, or at, car events. Says something about McLaren owners, I guess.


Bonus points to anyone who can figure out what that is behind the MGF, I don't recall noticing it at the time

Brit - oh, all right, German. Never seen one of these before either. Big, and has more obvious VW in it than I expected. The Phaeton carryover really shows.


Not entirely Brits after all


Nope, not entirely. Although this is the only interesting Italian car I saw in the carpark - apparently the Ferraristi are exhausted after NZFMR last month.

And apparently a few of the Kumeu crowd are here.


Yup, they are.

And to finish, have an eyeworm. Why, oh so very, very why?

More coming.