This past Monday I took a 4-hour drive with my family to go to Detroit to the North American International Auto Show. This is a collection of various wheels from throughout the show. I always love checking out various wheel and brake setups on cars.

I cannot believe how 2-piece rotors are in so many vehicles now. It does save weight, but some of these rotor and caliper setups probably weight more than a full wheel and hub assembly from a 90's sports car. Just another example of automotive bloat.

Also, Brembo is doing pretty well for themselves. Apparently automakers are taking the ‘Brembo all the things!’ approach.

These pics were taken with my phone and I was too lazy to edit them so some aren’t the best, but anyways, here’s the pics:

Nissan GTR


Corvette by the Michelin display



Fiat Miata

Viper ACR



Focus RS


Mustang GT

SRT Grand Cherokee


Buick Avenir Concept

VW Beetle Dune Edition


Hellcat Charger

Dodge Ram Rebel


Porsche Macan GTS (I think) Porsche Cayenne Hybrid

Porsche Cayman GT4



I had a really good time at the show. Even though I moved away from Metro-Detroit, this is still something that I like to go to every year. My son loves going too and he was thrilled to build his Ford GT model (Ford, please keep doing that for the kids!).

The only disappointment for me was the Focus RS. Its not that there was anything wrong with the car, it’s just that I’m a big guy (6'3" 255) and I found the seats to be uncomfortable and there was pretty much no room in the back seat behind me. I guess I made the right choice in buying my ‘16 STi as it is definietly roomier on the inside.


So, I hope you enjoy and if you can make it to the NAIAS, please go. It really was a great show this year.